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Stay In Your House,
Stop Foreclosure Now!

 We help you avoid Foreclosure.
No Fees! No Obligations!

100% Confidential!


How It Works?

We’ve helped people all across the United States who have received Notice of Defaults and are currently in Pre-Foreclosure to stay in their homes. Our team of Senior Outreach Specialists have streamlined the procedure, saving your credit,  time and money, allowing us to provide you with the most comprehensive solutions in the country.


You may either contact us or fill out the form below to submit your Property Relief Program application.


We sign some paperwork and begin the due-diligence process. Once you accept our funding solution we start working.


We'll give you a no-obligation consult on the spot once we've gotten some information about your situation.


After the evaluation is completed, we'll move on to confirming your liens and any unpaid bills get paid. You'll receive a check or wire transfer.

Trusted Home Consultants

We offer all of our clients a standard of professionalism and experience that is unrivaled in the real estate sector today. Save time, earn money, and stay in your home under your terms by contacting Trusted Home Consultant right now!

  • Fast Cash 

  • No Repairs

  • No Agents

  • No Commissions

  • On Your Timeline

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Ready To Stay In Your House?

See why home owners love working with us

Chances are if you ended up on this page, you’ve received a Notice of Default, have an excessive number of Liens or you’ve been notified that your property is going to be Auctioned off in the very near future.


Maybe there is a distressing situation where time is of the essence, and perhaps the house has just become more trouble than what you had bargained for and need our assistance. Whatever the case, our company may be able to help home owners like yourself, to keep their homes and avoid losing that sense of security that home ownership brings. We work with you and devise a customized strategy that best suits your situations needs. We tailor each solution to fit your schedule, there’s No obligation and most importantly this 100% confidential.


Just give us a call at (877) 969 – 9299 or click the Get Funds Now link below.

Avoid Foreclosure & Stay In Your House Today!




Angelina P.

Trusted Home Consultants are premier professionals that really listened to our families needs. They understood how the Pre-Foreclosure process worked and educated us on how to keep our homes.

Trusted Home Consultants provided personalized service, attention to detail and more importantly, no surprises! If you are looking to stay in your home than look no further.

Sara H.

Cleo and his team have been exceptional in understanding my needs and in helping to educate me in the entire Pre-Foreclosure process. I have been highly impressed with Trusted Home Consultants in general and would highly recommend them to anyone.

James K.

John is very sharp when it comes to real estate, loans and the art of refinancing. I have been fortunate enough to have worked with John and Trusted Home's Senior Outreach Specialists when I received my Notice of Default. They are great at what they do and easy to work with.

Stress Less?


Every day, nationwide, we keep families from losing their houses. We help when no one else will.

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For more money and
Faster than MOST!

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